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August 20, 2018
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October 16, 2018

Copywriting/transcreating for Speedlink + Amazon

We were tasked with translating – or rather transcreating – Speedlink’s new product lineup, including its new Gaming Tools, for the company’s website and for Amazon sales.

Building on over a decade of experience in this sector we tapped into the emotional drivers behind purchasing behaviour, communicating the products’ key technical aspects in a way that translated easily into benefits.

Full range of products

We translated a variety of products, from fabric-covered mice to high-end gaming chairs.

Each product was reviewed individually to get across its core benefits for the user.

Accompanying press releases

Working with Speedlink’s PR agency, we also worked on a series of press releases to coincide with each product launch/major events on the gaming/peripherals calendar (gamescom/IFA).

See for yourself

To view the press releases, click here: English

To view the products, click here: Products