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October 25, 2017
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Ford Go-Success – helping SMEs keep pace now and into the future

This multi-lingual project (English > German, French, Spanish) was for a Ford event held in November in Leipzig [link in German]. And it was no ordinary come-and-see-our-products event.


We worked closely with Imagination, the masterminds behind the event, to produce all the translations for the Go-Success questionnaire, flyer, and presentation. We also translated the script for the Go-Faster live-action stunt event, and Facebook content.


Content was provided in standard file formats, so this was straightforward to process. Thorough research of the Transit line’s specific terminolgy was required (such as specifications and options lists), which we performed by drilling down into Ford’s various country-specific websites.

Once again, each translator was paired with a reviewer to capture any misinterpretations/typos.

The translations were delivered on time, with strong client/translator/reviewer engagement throughout the process.