Helping Tailfin take the German-speaking region by storm in SEO keyword-driven localization project
September 14, 2020

KabelDirekt make great cables — and with our help, the copy in and outside the box is great too

The impact of SEO keyword research is felt everywhere: On the website, and in the box. We’re excited to now be helping KabelDirekt take their copy to the next level by taking a user-focused approach to their content. We’re excited to be working with them.


The project

Before we even started this project, we consulted the electrical safety regs to ensure nobody gets hurt or any property gets damaged through the use of the products.

Let the translation begin: Quality cables demand clear communication & instruction. It’s a highly competitive market, so the products need to be found really easily (SEO keyword research) with the core message of quality baked into the copy — plus the instructions that go inside the box need to be appealing yet reinforce the safety message.Goal: Deliver compelling copy that combines maximum findability with clear communication.


You may think of a cable as just being a cable, but it’s what goes inside that counts. KabelDirekt is different as it makes high-quality cables that are afforable.

We’re taking a fresh approach to their copy by focusing on the user to produce appealing texts that really say “thanks for buying our product”. At the same time, we take into consideration the very different national requirements and expectations on how safety instructions and warranty notices are actually written.

The result: We’re localizing the translation product so buyers in a country get a product that’s written for them.

We go the extra distance with our tech knowledge. We know when to call an extension lead a power strip, and we also know which countries have switches on their power outlets and which don’t — finer points that make the difference.