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More connected, more electrified, more experience: Ford @ Frankfurt IAA 2019

The project:

To showcase the power and feel of EVs, Ford showcased groundbreaking experiences at IAA 2019. An investment in language services opened up the experience to a mucher wider audience.

The experiences:

Among the experiences, vistors were able to experience what it feels like to be subjected to 1.2G of force.

They were also able to get clued up about EVs thanks to interactive displays, and choose the type of EV that best suits them.

See below for pics.

Frankfurt’s IAA is Europe’s largest autoshow, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. They don’t all want to read German or English all the time, so we helped out with three additional major languages to turn the experiences into multi-lingual ones.

The team:

We covered translation of the content into German, French, Italian, and Spanish. A team of 8 translators were involved, all managed by one project manager who dealt with all the questions and provided a full brief with additional contextual information for the translators.

The content:

A range of content for interactive electronic displays as well as physical displays was translated.
Subjects ranged from technical info on various EV platforms, advice notices and display signage, to legal disclaimers.


Everything delievered on time.

Additional photos: