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February 17, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Nordex Sustainability Report – delivered

In collaboration with World2World, Hamburg, we’re proud to have delivered our eleventh sustainability report. This time, it was for leading German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex. To view it, click here (German version here).

In a nutshell: translate the 92-page sustainability report. The extensive report is intended to be read by a global audience of stakeholders. It communicates Nordex’s achieviement of sustainability goals in alignment with the UN Global Compact.

First, some background info: The UN publishes sustainability reporting guidelines – the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) – against which companies benchmark their sustainability performance.

Research into the wording and phrasing of the GRI guidelines (thankfully, we’re accustomed to this now) and Nordex’s specialised solutions was essential. On top of this, it was important to achieve a balance between reporting on factual information while making the report more engaging to read for the target audience by personalising the report.

The report was delivered stage by stage to W2W for proofreading. At the end of this process, we reviewed the entire 92-page document in its native PDF format, cross-checking it against the master German copy to ensure graphical elements, formatting, and the general look and feel matched the source text.

The full translation was delivered on time, with strong client engagement throughout the process.