At the heart of what we do: Translation, Internationalisation & Localisation


Three distinct services to choose from

Localisation helps you reach and gain acceptance in a target market more quickly meaning you can start selling your products and building brand loyalty now.

Just let us know which locale you want your content in and we will localise it for your specific target market (i.e. British English or US English). We can also provide this service post-translation to account for differences in distinct markets (i.e. British/American English or Brazilian/European Portuguese).

We will engage with your content and work with you to produce the most effective copy to suit your needs. We appreciate time is always of the essence, so a speedy, but accurate turnaround is always assured. You can of course customise the above solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Scroll down for further info on the translation process.

Customisable Services

Siri now speaks over 20 languages – but how many do you need to reach your target audience? In some cases, a couple are sufficient, but to reach 90% of global consumers, 48 languages are required.

To meet this demand for flexibility, our services are tailored to your needs. Need a translation by a tight deadline, but performed a subject expert – that’s fine. We will work with you by reviewing your requirements, deadline, and budget to see what level of service best suits your needs. With standards-compliance, you can rest assured that your translation has been thoroughly checked and meets your and your target audience’s needs.

And if you’re ready for global expansion, we can help in this respect too – just like we did for Jaguar Land Rover.

“I want my content to be consistent with my previous publications! I want you to use terminology that’s standard in my industry! I don’t want to have to convert file formats!”

We hear you – and we can help

You need on-time delivery, industry-compliant terminology, and consistency – this is where our tech helps us to meet your needs time and again. We will manage your content and leverage existing assets by mining your information – and by default we’ll work with your content in its native format, saving you the hassle of converting it between formats and time-consuming layout tweaking so your content can be published or printed more quickly – and critical information can be conveyed speedily and accurately.


Our translators are responsible for their own translation tools. The biggest plus-point is that this ensures they are fully conversant with the tools they are using so no learning curve is required on their part.

As we manage the translation of your content in house, you don’t need to deal with translation-specific file formats and compatibility issues.

“Can’t I just use one of those free internet translation tools?”

While they’re revolutionising the way we communicate, remember all those translation fails you see on holiday, not to mention the ones plastered all over the internet. This can have a disastrous effect on your brand’s reputation. We’re always up to speed on the latest tech and keen to put it to controlled use for your benefit. For some of our broadcast clients, we’re developing a semi-automated service to turn around specific text types quickly through machine-based training. That said, we don’t let anything out of the door without it being checked and edited by a human first, as we don’t need to tell you how critical a missed ‘not’ can be – something these internet translation tools have a habit of skipping – not to mention the habit of making stuff up .

The Translation Process

Once you’ve received a quote with a firm deadline for your texts and you’re completely happy, we’ll start the translation process and keep you updated on progress. We treat email a bit like instant messaging, so you’ll receive a response without delay. To discover more about the translation process, read on: We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Source Text Quote Translation Process Review Delivery Post-Delivery Revision Billing

Over 4000 Projects
100% On-Time Delivery

Project management

Your project won’t disappear into the ether with us. We’ll keep in touch with you as little or as often as you want to update you on the progress of your translation.Our service is built around strong project management and we appreciate the need for clear, reliable communication.

Data mining and subject expertise

To ensure we align our translations with your industry-specific needs, we will mine both your and industry-specific documentation so what we produce reflects the terminology and phrasing used in your industry. We do this before we start translating your texts so your industry is at the forefront of our minds when we translate your content so we speak your language.

Of course, there’s no match for industry experience, so we ensure our translators are selected based on their industry capabilities.


We speak your language so the translations we supply meet your industry-specific requirements. Our involvement in working closely with clients from a variety of industries has taught us how essential solid background knowledge and in-depth research capabilities are for translations to fit seamlessly alongside native-language publications.

While sector requirements may be vertical, it is critical to have horizontal, cross-discipline expertise. This allows us tackle a full spectrum of texts that your business may require. This means all your translation requirements can be met from a single source.

We’re here to help. Get in touch or to learn more about how we’re helping our customers, see our Case Studies.

Additional Services

Persuasive, compelling, interesting, effective: Got something to say? Let us formulate your message based on your content.

You give us the brief and we’ll deliver a message targeted at your specific audience.

The art of translating effective copy lies in blending the translation process with the copywriting process – something we also do for companies who want effective copy to address their individual target markets and boost sales.

Send us your texts and we’ll check them to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your target locale for maximum impact and ensure they’re free of typos and inconsistencies.