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September 14, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Helping Tailfin take the German-speaking region by storm in SEO keyword-driven localization project

We helped Bristol-based designers and engineers of high-performance cycling equipment localize their site for the German-speaking region. In a nutshell, we turned tailfin.cc into tailfin.de.

The project

Starting point: One brand, multiple products.
Goal: Launch the German site with a translation approach driven by SEO (search engine optimization) keyword research to maximize audience reach and sales.

But what about SEO keywords, especially when the main German competitors use English keywords in their German product copy (it’s cool to do so)…

We took a research-led approach to achieve maximum keyword effectiveness to get the products noticed and drive sales.


Working with WordPress Shopify format files, our team of 3 cycling-savvy linguists turned the English site into an effective & compelling German site.

  • First step was to sit down (virtually) with Tailfin and define current and future product lines.
  • 10 hours of SEO research and competitor, retailer, and audience analysis was conducted to:
    – choose SEO terms that merged unique product names with localized product descriptors
    – build a glossary;
    – define the target audience and understand how best to appeal to them.
  • The above steps fed in to our translation strategy, which underpinned our entire approach and was shared with the translator and reviser and managed centrally by the project manager.
  • The translation process was kicked off, with queries ironed out directly with the project manager at Media Translation and/or in consultation with Tailfin.
  • The completed translations were then passed to the independent reviser (working to ISO 17100:2015 2.2.6), who again worked with the project manager to iron out queries.

The final translations were then uploaded directly to Tailfin’s WordPress platform.


Copyright: Tailfin

Copyright: Tailfin


Copyright: Tailfin