KION Group Sustainability Report 2017 – delivered
February 16, 2018
Carglass Sustainability Reports 2017 – delivered
July 16, 2018

Voith Sustainability Report 2017 – delivered

We teamed up with W2W, Hamburg, again to deliver our second sustainability report of the year.

The client: Voith, a leading supplier of industrial solutions to a wide range of industries.

Click here to see the report.

The audience:

The extensive report is intended to be read by a global audience of stakeholders. It communicates Voith’s achieviement of sustainability goals in alignment with the UN Global Compact.

This is our fourteenth sustainability report. This time, research into Voith’s specialised solutions was essential yet again, and alongside incorporating the client’s glossary we compiled a dedicated one based purely on Voith’s terminology preferences mined from dozens of company reports, releases, and webpages.

The report was delivered stage by stage to W2W for proofreading. Voith performed the final check, and we then integrated the review changes.

The full translation was delivered on time, with strong client engagement throughout the process.